PaddleSplash 2017

PaddleSplash 2017

We are getting ready for the first race of PaddleSplash 2017 – July 28th will be here before you know it! This year, we are changing it up a bit. First of all, instead of a 3 race series, we are changing it to just 2 – however – these are going to be super jam-packed!

Our first change is to make sure we focus on Safety and Kids. So, on Friday, July 28, 2017, we are going to kick it off with the help of On Scene Event Medical Services (EMS). OM EMS will be conducting Water Rescue Training Safety drills where both Fire and EMT personnel will be trained. Invited to participate are the Metro Fire Department, State Parks EMS and Lifeguards, South Placer Fire Department, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection Dist. to name a few.Β Β  OM EMS train these departments, who in turn will be demonstrating their new skills for the public to see. These trainings will commence at 10am and complete at 2pm and the public is invited to watch.

The second change we made is hosting the Division of Boating and Waterways, who along with the State Park EMS and Lifeguards will be providing water safety training to the public. And the best part is every kid who participates get a free life-vest! This is part of their important initiative to ensure that life-vests are worn.

The third change we made was to break up the races. We did this to be able to accommodate our new friends – Kayakers and OCers! With this addition, we moved the adult 5-mile race to Saturday morning. This gives us plenty of space for all the competitive paddlers to get on the water and go fast! The fun 2-mile paddle, the kids paddle, and the 4-person relay are now on Sunday. We encourage you to pick your teams and come in costume – best costume gets a prize! Oh, and don’t forget, best Splash also gets a prize – don’t worry – this is Sacramento so it will be hot outside and the water will feel great.

One final thing – like last year, PFDs and leashes are required for all races at PaddleSplash 2017.

3 thoughts on “PaddleSplash 2017

  1. Alison Lee-Earth Studio Arts


    Is there an opportunity for venders to sell at this event. I am an artist and owner of Earth Studio Arts from the Lake Tahoe area. I hand print a variety of SUP apparel and have exhibited at local paddle events in the Tahoe Truckee area. I saw this event on Facebook.
    I would be interested in setting up a booth if there is venders.

    1. Shelly Alves

      HI Alison,

      Yes we would love you to come to our event. There is a $50 vendor fee for each day, payable to CA State parks. What is you email address and I will forward you the form and contact person at State Parks.
      We are expecting 75-100 racers and at least one person arriving with each of them. The lake sore will be packed and the bicycle trail circles our event so your product will be well received. This will be an annual event with the upcoming years having a vendor fair both beach side and in downtown Folsom!

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