What is a Grom?

Grom is an urban slang word for YOUNG surfer…usually under the age of 15. Most of the time kids that are called groms are very good.


Our Mission:

We are an INCLUSIVE program that uses SUP as a pathway to show kids Fun, Fitness and Adventure in a team atmosphere.

Our focus is to build kids confidence and help them reconnect to nature while improving their athleticism.

We feel kids who are exposed to nature will strive to protect our world.


What is the age limit for the Groms Club?

Kids 8-18 are welcome to join. Younger paddlers can join but one parent must be on the water with them at all times.


What is our “season”?


Our fist practice will be May 1, 2018 and we will as a club until August 30, 2018.

We will also have a FALL session for those interested in more racing including Pacific Paddle Games.


When is practice?

Tuesday and Thursday 6-7:30PM   Paddles

Monday 6-7PM Land workout

Varying Saturday and/or Sundays           Excursion paddles or racing

SWIM TEST Sunday April 14th 1-3PM     Folsom Aquatic Center


Do I have to race?

NO! Our goal is to introduce as many youth to Paddleboarding as we can, although as we progress in the season some of the paddles will have a “race preparation” theme. Kids who chose not to race are still asked to attend events to support their teammates and we almost always have a “fun paddle” after racing for the kids to explore the area. Many kids who attended races last year ended up signing up and having a blast once they arrived at the event.


Where do we paddle?

We practice at Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake, weather (wind) decides our launch locations. We will also explore/race on the following waterways in Nor CA.

Lake Tahoe                            Donner Lake

Jenkins Lake                          Lake Clementine

Alameda                                Echo Lake


Do I need a board?

Yes. We have monthly rentals if needed that can be used at each paddle.

Cost for rental board/leash/jacket is $50 month.


If I want to purchase a board do we get “deals” for being a Nor Cal Grom?

YES! We are very fortunate to work with to wonderful suppliers in the area.

Mike Paddle and Water Kids. Both of these suppliers are supporting the growth of kids in SUP. Mike will be a “guest coach” numerous times during our season and we will “race” his groms team a few times this year. Please contact Shelly for more info on “board deals”. There are options for used/ demo boards as well as new boards.


What does the program cost and include?

The season May-September cost $300.

This includes the following:

Over 40 coached paddles in the area

Paddle Excursions on some of the coolest waterways on Nor Cal

Land workouts, which will focus on overall athleticism

Team Jersey

Expert “on the water coaching” from ACA coaches

Water Safety training

New Life Jacket courtesy of CA Boating Safety Assoc.

FOLFAN BBQ for water cleanup

Water conservation Education

Nutritional Education for kids

Additional expenses not included:

Race Fees

First Aid/CPR Certification (optional) $40

Lake Pass


Is there a monthly option?

Yes, if you choose to participate monthly the cost is $125/month.


Can I join at any time during the season?

Yes, we realize that MANY kids will hear about this after we have begun practice all new paddlers who join after the first month will need to attend a beginning paddle to learn the basics, contact Shelly for info.


Is there an option to “try it first”?

Yes, you may attend a weeks worth of workouts for $25


This will allow you to learn what are program is all about and if its right for you.



How will we receive information about the team?

We will have a group text for any last minute details as well as a Shutterfly site.



Are parents allowed to paddle with the Groms?

Yes, If you are an experienced paddler who would like to help as an “on the water” helper please contact Shelly


Will we paddle EVERY weekend?

No, We will race and take excursion paddles as the team develops their skills and are water safe to explore.


How will we connect with the community?

We will become “on the water” ambassadors for the sport of Paddleboarding and participate in at least 3 water cleanups as well as practice a “leave no trace” approach to our paddles.


Nor Cal SUP Groms is a 501 © (3) Charity. All Dues, Donations and Sponsorship money is used to pay Rental Fees to State, Insurance, obtain Equipment, Maintain Charity Status and promote the Club. All coaches are volunteers.


We are looking forward to a fantastic 2018! See you on the water…….