Hi, do you want to play? Why do we stop asking that question?

“Hi, do you want to play?”

Those six little words have started many long lasting friendships, you know, the stuff memories are made of! As children, we asked that question to any kid around, sometimes to an adult if no kids were around. And we weren’t even shy about it.

So, why have we, as adults, stopped asking that question? Perhaps adults have such a hard time making new friends because they are not asking this question. As adults, we have been conditioned to consider this question as childish or that the adult response would inevitably be “No!” We get uncomfortable with the possibility that “no one” would want to play with us or join us in some fun activity. Basically, we park that question “over there.” In fact, we put a lot of other stuff “over there.” You know, stuff like getting fit, trying new things, meeting new people, because we are adults who don’t like to get out of our comfort zone and are too busy with work anyways.

Well, did you know that paddle boarding is one of those new things that you can do now? It happens to be one of the fastest growing sports due to the fact it is just plain fun, a great workout for your core AND your smile! This is one of those sports where you really feel like a kid again and here in Northern California, we are in a paddler’s paradise! We have over 300 waterways that are perfect for paddle boarding.

Exploring new waterways and chilling with friends is what our Nor Cal SUP Social Club is all about. Stop putting paddle boarding “over there” and join us on one of our paddles.

We’re not shy – so, do you want to join us at our SUP Social Club and play on the water with us?

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