Nor Cal SUP to kick off the Northern California SUP GROMs program

Nor Cal SUP to kick off the Northern California SUP GROMs program

A Junior program that teaches environmental awareness, water safety, and SUP proficiency

Granite Bay, CA, September 29, 2016 – Nor Cal SUP is announcing the official kickoff of the Northern California SUP GROMs (Juniors) program. This program is available to kids between the ages of 13-18 regardless of skill or experience with StandUp Paddleboarding. SUP is a great sport for cross training, gaining core strength and balance, as well as a sport that is fun.  Best of all, it is an activity that kids can enjoy right next to their parents showing them their ever improving skills.

As important as it is to learn the skills to paddle, this program will endeavor to teach kids about the importance of water safety and environmental awareness of the waterways in the surrounding areas. “We are lucky to live in an area with access to lots of great paddle spots.” says Shelly Alves-Churilo, owner of Nor Cal SUP. “Our program will work to help educate the kids on pollution prevention and water preservation that is essential to maintaining the waterways for generations to come.”

The first meeting will be held in January 2017 in preparation for the 2017 season which will begin May and end in October. Meeting time and dates will be posted at


About Nor Cal SUP

Nor Cal SUP is a fitness program based on our 16 years in the outdoor fitness business.  The foundation of Nor Cal SUP is Fun – mixing outdoor activities such as Stand Up Paddle boarding, mountain biking, and trail running with traditional core-strengthening exercises that helps clients, young and old, maintain a positive connection to health and exercise for the rest of their lives. Learn more at