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Last July, I trained and competed in my first 70.3 mile triathlon, smashing the goal I had set for myself. I had started training in sprint and olympic distances a few years prior, but I can honestly say that my endurance training first started when I moved to Sacramento 15 years and met Shelly.

Shelly was my personal outdoor trainer. She opened up an area of town I would never have explored on my own and helped me to fall in love with NorCal.

You could say Shelly is a pioneer with her Trail Training program. Long before anyone else was doing outdoor training, Shelly would bring small group of us out at first light to one of many Folsom Lake trails. Together we trail ran, mountain biked, kayaked, and just had fun! On some days we would meet at a high school track to focus on speed work, strength, and core. I became stronger and faster than I had ever been in my life.

Shelly inspires me to be my best self both physically and mentally. It was under her coaching that I was able to summit my first peak, Mt. Shasta, and later, Mt. Rainier. Not only did I achieve my personal fitness goals, I met my first family through Shelly. She connected me to people who were looking to improve themselves in a non traditional way.  Thank you Shelly for motivating me and getting me outside of the gym!

Susan Lee, 41, Carmichael, CA



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My experience with Shelly and Trail Training was life changing!

I knew when I saw that Ford F-150 with the Trail Training Logo on its side parked at the Home Depot parking lot, that the Universe had placed me there.  I loved the fact that her slogan was “Think Outside of the Gym” because I love the outdoors and I was ready for an adventure. When I met with Shelly I learned her philosophy of finding a sport or activity that you enjoy and it won’t feel like work and you’d be motivated to do it rather than dread it.

I participated in her group training program a few days a week which included activities such as kayaking, trail running, mountain biking and bike skills clinics, Columbine drills, and killer ab workouts. I lost over 30 lbs. within a 3 months’ period, which seemed like little effort at all, I was still eating and drinking anything I wanted!  I found my outdoor passion; mountain biking which undoubtedly aided in my quick weight loss and I established a bond with many of the “Trail Training Family”.

It’s been over a decade since I’ve had my experience with Trail Training but the lessons I learned with Shelly I have carried with me and have made reference to it for myself and to others over the years.  I now live in Arizona and take advantage of the outstanding trail systems here, something I learned from Shelly.  “Think Outside the Gym”; the outdoors is free, has an endless supply of fresh air and Vitamin D so take advantage of it!  What gym can do that for you? Much love Shelly.


Tiffany Lair

Phoenix AZ



Julie J 


Shelly helped me in so many ways it’s difficult to name only a few specifics, but I’ll try.

Driving back and forth, I kept seeing a “Trail Training” sign, which coincided perfectly with a couple of personal goals I had; and, it was a unique offering. Train outdoors? No one had promoted anything close to that, in my experience, at the time (around the year 2000).

One day I decided to write down the information from the sign and contact this “Trail Training” company. After Shelly and I connected for the first time, I told her my goal was to train to enter a mountain bike race.

We began this journey with her taking me through the basics of mountain biking so I wouldn’t kill myself. After that, we worked up to riding every week—rain or shine—three days a week. it was awesome! After a vigorous ride, we’d do a core workout, or maybe plyometrics. That then led to alternative workouts like kayaking in the middle of a workday, while most people were stuck indoors at a desk in a cubicle. Or we’d do what would now be called a crossfit workout in a field. We then added strength training inside a regular gym, to continue my overall training regimen.

Shelly also organized group workouts and special events. Two of my favorites and most memorable:
– Night riding! What a thrill! Mountain biking on a trail we’d ridden countless times during the day became a totally different animal in the dark. In fact, speaking of animals, a deer ran right across the trail in front of me and I will never forget the fright but simultaneous excitement of that moment.
– Kayaking by moonlight. I took my son with me, who was probably 8 or 9 at the time? we kayaked up river, had snacks, all by the light of the full moon. So much fun!

No matter where we were, or what we were doing, shelly was encouraging, enthusiastic, caring, and patient; and she never pushed me too hard but she did push me. I achieved my goal of entering a couple of different mountain bike races at the age of 40.

I still remember the morning of 9/11/01 (9-11)….the devastation I watched, with everyone else in the world….but I had an appointment with Shelly and we went out and rode that day and it was the perfect balance to the horror that had occurred earlier that morning.

Shelly also had classes like a mountain bike maintenance class in conjunction with a local bike shop, and I learned how to change a flat and bought myself a rim tool that I still use today.

I referred several friends to Shelly and we have kept in touch to this day (2016). Her amazing zest for life, her drive to help people, and her joyful nature make her a very special person indeed.