3 reasons to join us at PaddleSplash

You have run them all – in the mud, in bubbles, or with color – big costume filled races in San Francisco, small intimate trail races in Tahoe. Sometimes you trained for them, sometimes not. One thing all the races had in common was that you did them for fun. You didn’t record your time, you don’t even remember if you came in first or if your friends did. But you remember the tortillas being flung at the start, the beer at the finish, oh, and that you still have the shirt.

PaddleSplash is no different than any fun run you have done in the past except that it is a race on water. Sure, you need to have tried Stand Up Paddling (SUP) at least once before, but the spirit is just the same as any run you have done. So here are three reasons why you should join PaddleSplash:

  1. You get it to hang out with a bunch of like minded people – you can even bring your own peeps and do the 4-person relay race. Come in costume and be eligible for the “best in dress” prize.
  2. You get to do it for a good cause while you have a ton of fun. Proceeds go to starting a juniors race program.
  3. You get bragging rights on Monday at work telling everyone you “paddled” in a race on Sunday. How cool would that be?

We will actually give you a fourth reason: The race is being hosted on Lake Natoma and for those of you that haven’t paddled here before, it is long, flat, and a perfect location for paddlers of all abilities. No big waves and no big boats in the way. And if you fall in during the race, even better. There is a reason why we call this race PaddleSplash after all!

Race 2 and 3 in the series are coming up in September and October and will be offering a discount for those who register early. A bonus reason to join: the first race starts at 9am and the team relay at 11:45am letting you have a leisurely Sunday morning.

We can’t wait to see you on the water!

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